Foie Gras

Literally translating to ‘fatty liver’, the production of this French delicacy is widely regarded to be the most inhumane of any food commonly consumed in the developed world. Large metal pipes are routinely used to force feed ducks or geese, in order that their livers become extremely engorged. If the animals make it to slaughter without dying prematurely, they are so obese that they are barely able to move.

At least 15 countries have banned the production or sale of this product, and it will become illegal in California in 2012. There are only three producers of foie-gras in the United States – one in California and two in New York.

Blossom Restaurant supports the efforts of the Animal Protection and Rescue League (APRL), among others, to encourage restaurants not to sell this cruel product. In addition, these groups are diligently working to pass legislation to ban its production and sale in New York State, and nationally as well. To learn more about foie gras and the campaign to end it, please visit

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